SWEET Costumes...
I have a large selection of tutu costumes available but I LOVE to make custom orders.
Sizes: 6-9 months, 12-18 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T
All costumes are available in our 
Hermione inspired (Harry Potter):
Gryffindor tank top, very full grey tutu, lacy black belt, and a matching headband.

Olivia the pig:
Olivia tank top, very full red tutu with ribbon and tail, and 2 red hair bows.

Wonder Woman inspired:
Includes a rhinestone studded tank top, blue tutu with white stars, shiny gold cuffs, shiny gold crown, and a red super hero cape.

Dorothy inspired:
Includes a blue and white gingham apron with a ric rac finish; a very full tutu and 2 red hair bows.
Bumble Bee:
Includes bee antenna with detachable yellow and black hair bow; sweet bumble bee wings; and a very full yellow and black tutu.

Little red riding hood:
Includes a red satin cape with a fur lined hood; a red and white gingham apron; and a very full red tutu.

Jessie inspired cowgirl:
Includes a red cowgirl hat; a yellow & white pillowcase style shirt; a cow print apron; and a very full royal blue tutu.
Alice in Wonderland inspired:
Includes a satin black headband; a sparkling white apron; and a very full jewel blue tutu.
Little Lady bug:
Includes ladybug headband with a detachable red and black bow, sweet lady bug wings, and a very full red with black polka dot tutu.

Tinkerbell inspired:
Includes lime green pixie wings, a Tinkerbell embroidered shirt, and a very full lime green tutu.

Minnie Mouse inspired:
Includes handmade Minnie inspired ears; a red and white pillowcase style shirt, and a very full red tutu with white polka dot tutu.

Includes Dalmatian ears with little red bows, and a very full white and black tutu.

Cheshire cat inspired:
Includes handmade pink cat ears; and a very full light pink and bubble gum pink tutu with a very cute pink boa tail.

Black cat:
Includes handmade black and white cat ears; and a very full black tutu with a white boa tail.

Fairy / Butterfly:
Includes glittery pixie wings, and a very full tutu in your choice of pink, purple, lime green, or yellow.

Little bunny:
White and pink bunny ears, and a very full white tutu with removable cotton tail.