Thursday, January 20, 2011

SWEET Things the personal side!

You may have seen my designs on Etsy and Facebook and now I just wanted to give you a little glimpse at why I do what I do:
This year will be an exciting one in my house! After 4 years of hard work my husband will finally graduate College. Life without school at least until he starts his masters program will be awesome. Also my little girl will start pre-school next month. I am sad she is growing up but I am so excited for this chapter in her life.

Last year was an educational one for me. I learned what I LOVE about having my own business and what the challenges are! I LOVE creating. Getting an idea in my head and making it with my own hands. It is an exciting feeling! I hate struggling with the balance of time between my family and business. Sacrificing time from my family for the business the hardest part, but then I realized that my family is my business. They are my inspiration for creating all that I do and for making this business successful.

 Little N.. Thank you for teaching me patience and making me laugh!
Little R... Thank you for being so SWEET and kind!

and to my husband... Thank you for believing in me. You changed my entire life just by loving me!
Also thank you to the people who have helped SWEET Things become so SWEET. My friends Amy & Bri over at the Savvy Moms Guide and my friend Donella with EllaB photography. I wish you all many years of success and happiness both personally and professionally.

Life is SWEET! xoxo

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