Saturday, May 21, 2011

We LOVE Baseball

Ever since I can remember sports have been on my TV. Growing up my dad was a sports fanatic, but I really didn't appreciate it until I met my husband back in 1999. I have always cheered for our home team the Anaheim Angels. He, on the other hand, rooted for the Atlanta Braves. He was an Angels fan too, but the Braves were his team.

We loved when we were able to start taking our little girls to games. My little girl was 8 months at her first game.

When the Braves come to town we are always so excited because it means an entire weekend at the ballpark.
This year I knew I had to make my little girls matching twirl skirts for the occasion.

The Go team baseball twirl skirt is now available in our Etsy Shop for your little baseball fan.
Now your little one can look super SWEET at the ballpark.

Have a SWEET day~

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